Elderly home of Érd, Kende street

pinThe first building of the Sunshine Home Foundation opened its gates on 1. December 1992 in Érd, Kende Str. 4-8. 

It was an important point of view while the building was planned to offer a comfortable, secure, familiar place for the incoming elderly where they can live in a peaceful environment. The whole  buliding has wheelchair access.

The home’s duty is to offer a full life for all members. It creates and helps social community and assures the possibilities of physical and intellectual recreation.

Besides all, we offer secure, harmonious life conditions for those who choose us.

We make efforts to keep the independence of the elderly in a family atmosphere in a suburban environment. 

We are here for the elderly!


Please come and make sure of the above personally. Please contact Kodáné Berna Katalin matron!

Phone number:  +36-23-369-020 / 201 extension

E-mail: kodakati@napfenyotthon.hu