We would like to welcome you on our new website! We are Dr. Hajnalka Komlósy and Dr. István Tóth, We are the directors of the Sunshine Home Foundation since 1991 when we have established the foundation together with the Lutheran Gerontology Association and the Local Government of Érd. Since then we have built and operate 4 residents with room for 562 people. As the chairman of the board of trustees We are proud to say that we have established the 4 institutions from our own resources, we have received no subsidy from the State or the City Council. The salary of the 5 members of the board of trustees and the 3 members of the supervisor committee does not reach 1% of the total budget. This rate is usually 10-25% at Hungarian Foundations, and even in Western Europe the average is 10%.


Budapest, 26.02.2014.

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Dr. Komlósy Hajnalka

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dr toth istvan signDr. Tóth István

Our services

medical care

24-hour nurse supervision


Our institutions we have three times daily menu, or diabetic diet to five times daily catering facilities. Bedridden inmates rooms found. Pharmacy, gym, tastefully designed garden, hairdresser, manicure and pedicure bar recourse is available in The Sunshine Home.

Free exercise of religion guaranteed to all inmates.


The Sunlight Foundation's public benefit home for nearly two decades providing services to all those who because of age or medical condition require care and homely, loving care they desire.

One-man or double rooms come with a balcony, kitchen, bathroom accessibility. Inthe rooms nurse caller, fire detectors, telephone, cable TV network available. They come equipped with their own setups and fixtures (furniture, carpet, etc) if desired.